The Sound of the Genuine: Becoming More Alive in the Spirit’s Presence

Grace Episcopal Church 422 Brenau Avenue, Gainesville, GA

The remarkable author and mystic Howard Thurman challenges us to listen deeply for the “sound of the genuine” in our lives. In a world that is full of noise and distraction, we are reminded again of the invitation we have to ground ourselves in an abiding awareness of the Spirit’s presence. How can we deepen our practice of prayer so that we can respond more faithfully in this time? We invite you to come and share in a day of listening, rhythm, prayer, poetry, and fellowship on Saturday, February 25 as we reflect together on what it means to be grounded in our practice of faith.

The day will be spacious with time to reflect and rest. As well, River Guerguerian, a renowned percussionist with remarkable gifts for helping us understand the power of sound, will guide us through a series of exercises to help pay attention. We will also share in an imaginative worship space with poetry readings and reflections from Lerita Coleman Brown, Barbara Brown Taylor, Bobbi Patterson, Rebecca Parker, and Stuart Higginbotham. Our deep hope is that your heart can be nurtured as we all seek to live more faithfully.

Howard Thurman and the Healing Power of Mystical Love


The love we experience during a mystical moment or what mystic and theologian, Howard Thurman (1899-1981) calls a creative encounter leads to an expansive sense of love, of being cared for by God and caring for others at the deepest levels. Bring your favorite music (any genre) for some holy dance, a journal for sketching, reflective writing and responsive readings, space for guided meditation, and a desire to connect with others through large and small group sharing. This retreat is open to all spiritual seekers who wish to take a dip into the living wisdom of Howard Thurman as he introduces us to and challenges our common notions about mysticism and love.