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Opening Minds, Opening Hearts Podcast - Episode 2: "Centering Down"

"On this episode of Opening Minds, Opening Hearts, we are excited to welcome Dr. Lerita Coleman Brown, a professor of psychology emerita, spiritual director and companion, retreat leader, speaker, and author. She promotes the renowned mystic and theologian, Howard Thurman, contemplative spirituality, and uncovering the peace and joy in one’s heart."

Christmas Meditations of Dr. Howard Thurman - Spark My Muse with Lisa DeLay

"My guest is Dr Lerita Coleman Brown. She is treating us to words of Dr Howard Thurman from his book “The Mood of Christmas and Other Celebrations” and teaching us about his life and ministry. "

Interview With Dr. Lerita Coleman Brown - Thomas J Bushlack

Lerita Coleman Brown, PhD, Professor of Psychology Emerita at Agnes Scott College, is a spiritual director/companion, writer, retreat leader, and speaker. A graduate of the Spiritual Guidance Program at the Shalem Institute (founded by Tilden Edwards, Episode 3), Lerita writes about and promotes contemplative spirituality in everyday life, the life and work of Howard Thurman, and uncovering the peace and joy in one’s heart.

A Conversation with Lerita Coleman Brown on When the Heart Speaks, Listen: Discovering Inner Wisdom - Zeitgeist - The Spirit of Now with Debonee Morgan, Director

Lerita shares her story with Debonee, and introduces the book that chronicles her experience of connecting with her heart(s) through medical transplant and emotional transition. Meet "Heavy Harvey" and the process of Active Imagination, and how illness and struggle became an invitation to a spiritual journey.

Eps. 158: When the Heart Speaks, Listen; Guest, Dr. Lerita Coleman Brown - Spark My Muse with Lisa Delay

• Today, on Spark My Muse we discuss her (literally) heartfelt book “When the Heart Speaks, Listen: Discovering Inner Wisdom”

Encountering Silence - Lerita Coleman Brown, PhD: Howard Thurman and the Inner Authority of Silence (Episode 9)

Professor Lerita Coleman Brown describes Howard Thurman's rich and deeply silent spirituality.


Backs Against The Wall: The Howard Thurman Story

Backs Against the Wall: The Howard Thurman Story explores the extraordinary life and legacy of one of the most important religious figures of the 20th century. Thurman was a prolific writer, celebrated preacher and recognized by Martin Luther King, Jr as the “spiritual foundation” for the Civil Rights Movement.